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the life and times of a randomly obsessive nerd

1 July

My name is Ann, a common and simple that that should be easy to spell but, apparently, its not. I'm sixteen and a junior in high school, fun, right? I seriously wish I had my license, because then I would just drive away. Lesson learned: taking four AP classes will ruin your social life.

I have an obsessive personality that gets me in trouble sometimes. I like the internet, attractive boys, and pretty much anything pertaining to Superman. Except for Lana. She should die. Music is part of every aspect of my life, simply because I have a song stuck in my head all the time. My OTP is Clois, and nothing else will do. I frequently burst out talking in shipper-language.

When I was little, I was obsessed with learning shows. I watched Bill Nye the Science Guy religiously, along with Magic school Bus, Zoom, and Out of the Box. I desparately wanted to audition for Zoom, or at least send something in. Many days of my childhood were spent trying to invent something to submit to the show.

After I grew up a bit, Nickelodeon became my favorite station. I grew from Nick Jr. and loving Face (even watching Blue's Clues from the pilot until Steve left; after that, it sucked) to watching the cartoons, like Rugrats, Rocket Power, and CatDog. The game shows became my new obsession; even now I find myself watching Nick GAS and Figure It Out, Double Dare, GUTS, and- of course- Legends of the Hidden Temple. I still get mad when the kids don't know how to put the freaking silver monkey together.

I am a dedicted customer of 7-11. Or, at least, the place where 7-11 used to be but now is MJ's Market or something. I dunno, same people working there, but Icees instead of Slurpees. I love frozen drinks. I was extremely sad when I found out that they stopped stocking Funyuns.

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